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The Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations helps organizations build and sustain their volunteer programs and services through resources, networking, and skill development opportunities.

We are a member-based nonprofit organization serving the nonprofit and charitable organizations in Metro Edmonton.

A strong, vibrant community strengthened by an effective voluntary sector working with government and business. 

To strengthen the public service voluntary sector in Metro Edmonton by:


in the voluntary

Building capacity

in the voluntary

Giving voice

to issues that impact
the ability of the
voluntary sector to
be effective

Strategic Priorities

2020 – 2022

Provide the sector with efficient ‘sense-making’ by curating, distilling, and distributing meaningful information.

Create opportunities for progressive dialogue by convening stakeholders for targeted, systems-level conversations that advance the sector’s impact.

Connect the sector with larger discussions by providing leadership within regional, provincial and national networks.

Strengthen sector leadership and governance capacity by providing timely council and (information on) educational programs.

Enable the sector to leverage shared resources by fostering connectivity and collaboration.

Encourage volunteerism so that the sector has a rich repository of human capital to draw upon.

Support the sector to amplify many unified voices by engaging with stakeholders to develop key messages.

Represent the sector by directly and strategically advocating on selected areas of importance.

NPOs are armed with trusted, timely and relevant intelligence that enables them to take informed action on behalf of the sector, or within their own constituencies.

NPOs are able to directly access resources (including volunteers), programs and services that satisfy immediate needs for support, as well as increase their longer-term capacity to manage and govern.

NPOs grow in their interest, acceptance, willingness and capacity to effectively network, collaborate, and contribute to increased collective impact. 

NPOs are informed of sector-level matters and have access to resources and key advocacy messages that benefit the sector in the Metro Edmonton region, as well as their particular constituency.

We serve Metro Edmonton in all its diversity and strive to be as inclusive as possible in our relationship-building and issue-championing.

We aim to be a collective voice by working collaboratively through partnerships, alliances and working agreements.

We are committed to strong working relationships with the not-for-profit sector, business and government.

We do not duplicate services provided by our members and partners. 

We operate in a way that is socially, financially, and environmentally responsible.

Our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion

ECVO is a diverse organization that welcomes and values the knowledges and lived realities of our members and communities. We are committed to ensuring our programs, activities, policies, and priorities are inclusive, equitable, and aimed at systems-level change. We actively work to enhance diversity at all levels of the organization in order to effectively represent public-serving voluntary sector organizations in the Edmonton area.


Rhianna Charchuk 
Manager, Strategy and Innovation| 780.429.4962

Leila Daoud
Director, Marketing & Strategic Communications | 780.809.8596

Gemma Dunn
Executive Director | 780.809.0886

David Feldman
Director, Learning & Development | 780.801.1054

Esther Osunro 
Sector Leadership & Engagement Specialist| 780.428.5487

Julianna Lokshin
Programs & Engagement Specialist | 780.801.4720

Karis Nsofor
Ethnocultural Capacity Building Project Manager

Kerry-Ann Sitcheron (on maternity leave)
Strategic Initiatives Specialist | 587.635.0275 ext. 220

Andrea Veale
Community Connector, ACSN

Katie Whittingham
Director, Human Resources & Finance | 587.635.0277

Mista Zaugg
Communications & Programs Assistant | 587.635.4104

ECVO BOARD of directors

Barbara Burton | Chair

Anne-Marie Kallal | Vice-Chair

Rob Fragoso | Treasurer

Roya Damabi | Secretary

Erin O’Neill

Brooks Hanewich

Darlene Kowalchuk

Christina Nsaliwa

David Peacock

Mushtaq Kazani

Our Funders

We appreciate and acknowledge the support of our funders.


ECVO members are a proud collective voice working together to empower, strengthen and sustain the region’s nonprofit sector. Your membership is essential in promoting interest, involvement and investment in our communities and our city.

Plus, There are perks!


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