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The Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations helps organizations build and sustain their volunteer programs and services through resources, networking, and skill development opportunities.

We are a member-based nonprofit organization serving the nonprofit and charitable organizations in Metro Edmonton.

ECVO strives for engaged, inclusive, and resilient communities. Working with the non-profit sector, we convene, build capacity, and amplify our common voice to strengthen collaboration, responsiveness, and resilience.

Our Goals

2023 – 2026

Convene: We will convene the non-profit sector so it can:

  • Share knowledge and learnings to improve the day-to-day work of organizations.
  • Discover opportunities to collaborate and share services.
  • Explore what sector transformation means and what is required to ensure operations, funding, and governance systems adapt to 21st century challenges and reflect a more equitable world view.
  • Conduct meaningful cross sector conversations.

Build Capacity: We will build capacity so the non-profit sector can:

  • Effectively respond to ongoing changes in organizational and political leadership, technological capabilities, societal values, and demographics.
  • Be the leaders society needs to expand equity, diversity and inclusion in our communities.

Amplify: We will amplify the voice of the non-profit sector so it:

  • Is recognized in all its diversity by government, business, and society as an equal partner.
  • Has influence on regulation and policy changes impacting the sector.
  • Has access to sector-wide research and data that guides policy and funding requests.
  • Develop shared key messages on broad issues of importance to the sector.


Organizational Excellence: We will model the sustainable, creative, transparent and inclusive organization we want to see in the sector, aiming to: 

  • Hire and retain exceptional staff and board members who reflect the diversity of our communities.
  • Continue our EDI learning journey guided by our 2021 Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan.
  • Share services and resources wherever possible.
  • Implement policies that ensure the health and well-being of our staff

Collaboration: We believe collaboration, not competition, strengthens our communities and sector partnerships. We support sector organizations to find common ground and discover ways they can share resources and ideas. Internally, we encourage our team to work without silos and find interdisciplinary solutions to common challenges.

Boldness: We seek to be bold in our ideas and in the way we communicate our work because the issues our sector face require honesty and approaches beyond the status quo. We push into uncomfortable places in order to achieve new learnings and opportunities for growth and necessary change.

Adaptability: The sector and society are shifting, and our work at ECVO must respond appropriately. We seek sector transformation that will enhance sector agility and resilience so organizations and their personnel may adapt to the social, environmental, and economic changes of the 21st Century.

Credibility: We conduct our work and relationships in ways that build trust. We aim to fairly, transparently, and accurately represent our members and community so they can rely on our strong voice and reputable programs to achieve their goals.

Just Relationships: Relationship is at the core of everything we do, whether through supporting the development of interpersonal relationships—member to member, mentor to mentee, volunteer to staff—or more macro sector partner relationships. We understand that the way we relate to each other can be marked by inequality and injustice that is structural in nature. In all of our relationships we strive for equality, justice, and reconciliation.

While values are broad, guiding principles are more specific. They act as boundaries for our operations and behavior to ensure our programming and services intentionally reflect our broader values and ideals. They are more prescriptive (hence actionable) in nature.

  • We are committed to strong working relationships in the spirit of reconciliation.
  • We operate in a way that is socially, financially, and environmentally responsible.
  • We are committed to ensuring our programs, activities, policies, and priorities are inclusive, equitable, and aimed at systems-level change.
  • We actively work to enhance diversity at all levels of our organization and the sector. (See our EDI Strategic Plan.)
  • We aim to be a collective voice by working collaboratively through partnerships, alliances, and working agreements.
  • We encourage experimentation and are committed to transparently sharing our successes and failures.

Our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion

ECVO is a diverse organization that welcomes and values the knowledges and lived realities of our members and communities. We are committed to ensuring our programs, activities, policies, and priorities are inclusive, equitable, and aimed at systems-level change. We actively work to enhance diversity at all levels of the organization in order to effectively represent public-serving voluntary sector organizations in the Edmonton area.


Rhianna Charchuk 
Manager, Strategy and Innovation| 780.429.4962

Geoff Davidge
Bookkeeper | 587.635.0275

Gemma Dunn
Executive Director | 780.809.0886

David Feldman
Director, Learning & Development | 780.801.1054

Cheryl Feldstein
Manager, Marketing & Communications | 780.809.8596

Scott Lundell
Volunteerism & Programs Specialist | 780.801.4720

Youssouf Nour
Membership Coordinator| 587.635.0277

Karis Nsofor
Ethnocultural Capacity Building Project Manager | 587.801.3297

Andrea Veale
Community Connector, ACSN

Katie Whittingham
Director of HR & Shared Services | 587.635.1576

Marketing & Communications Coordinator
| 587.635.4104

Sector Resilience and Capacity Building Manager
| 587.635.0277

ECVO BOARD of directors

Anne-Marie Kallal | Chair

Erin O’Neil | Vice-Chair

Darlene Kowalchuk | Treasurer

Roya Damabi | Secretary

Colin Johnson

Christina Nsaliwa

Sahana Parameswara

David Peacock

Barhet Woldemariam

Our Funders

We appreciate and acknowledge the support of our funders.


Sustaining Members invest in ECVO's continued development and experimentation with forward-thinking programs to support an effective and stable nonprofit community.


ECVO members are a proud collective voice working together to empower, strengthen and sustain the region’s nonprofit sector. Your membership is essential in promoting interest, involvement and investment in our communities and our city.

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