About ECVO

The Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations helps organizations to build and sustain their volunteer programs and services through resources, networking, and skill development opportunities.

We are a member-based nonprofit organization serving the nonprofit and charitable organizations in Metro Edmonton.

Our Vision is to create a strong, vibrant community strengthened by an effective voluntary sector working with government and business.

Our Mission is to strengthen the public service voluntary sector in Metro Edmonton by:

  • LEADING in the voluntary sector.
  • BUILDING CAPACITY within the voluntary sector.
  • GIVING VOICE to issues that impact the ability of the voluntary sector to be effective.

Strategic Priorities​:


>> Convene groups and conversations on issues/ initiatives /innovations that will advance the community impact of the voluntary sector.
>> Create alliances and networks to tackle community development issues.
>> Build bridges to all parts of the voluntary network and to academia, business and government.

Building Capacity

>> Build governance and leadership expertise within the voluntary sector.
>> Develop organizations’ capacity for excellence and impact.
>> Encourage volunteerism to that the sector has a rich repository of human capital to draw on.

Giving Voice

>> Engage with Chamber members and sector partners on ECVO priorities and activities.
>> Advocate on issues that will enhance the well-being of the sector and contribute to strong, vibrant communities.

ECVO Staff

Gemma Dunn

Executive Director

[email protected]

David Feldman

Director, Governance & Consulting

[email protected]

Ryan Stephens

Director, Communications

[email protected]

Katie Loutitt

Director, Networks & Leadership

[email protected]

Ilya Ushakov

Director, Programs & Volunteerism

[email protected]

Phalyn Chenard

Director, Programs & Member Engagement

[email protected]

Katie Whittingham

HR & Finance Administrator

[email protected]

Mista Zaugg

Office Manager

[email protected]

ECVO Board of Directors

Gregory Bounds




Rob Fragoso SQUARE



Toby Rabinovitz



Leslie Allen

Troy Davies

Sue Gilchrist

Brooks Hanewich

Anne-Marie Kallal

Wayne McKendrick

Meaghan Patterson

Our Funders

We appreciate and acknowledge the support of our funders.


ECVO members are a proud collective voice working together to empower, strengthen and sustain the region’s nonprofit sector. Your membership is essential in promoting interest, involvement and investment in our communities and our city.

Plus, There are perks!