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AGLC Letter

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In August 2022, the ECVO wrote a letter of objection to the AGLC regarding the proposed relocation of the Camrose Casino from 3201 48th Avenue, Camrose, Alberta, to 420 Parsons Road SW, Edmonton, Alberta. The proposed move could see Edmonton area charities lose out on millions of dollars in funding. In late November 2022, the AGLC rejected the proposal.


Now, an appeal hearing is set to be scheduled by the AGLC to reconsider the rejection. If you object to the proposed relocation of the Camrose Casino, a move that could see Edmonton charities lose an estimated minimum of $6.7 million, take action now. Please download our customizable template letter, or write your own letter of objection and send it to the AGLC. The more letters of objection received, the more the AGLC will understand how concerned Edmonton’s non-profit sector is about this proposed relocation, its potential impact on the services provided by non-profits, and the potential precedent such a move could set. 

ECVO’s letter to the AGLC is below:

The Edmonton Arts Council sent a letter objecting to the proposal as well.

Click the link below to download your copy of the customizable template letter, input your organizations information and send it to Len Rhodes, Chair of the AGLC Board, and Kandice Machado, CEO of AGLC.

Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission

50 Corriveau Avenue
St. Albert, Alberta
T8N 3T5


Len Rhodes
Chair – AGLC Board

Kandice Machado