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Celebrating Black History Month in Alberta

February is Black History Month — a time to learn about Black history in Canada and celebrate the many contributions of Black Canadians over the centuries.

Below, you will find links to calendars highlighting many events and programs scheduled for February 2024 in Edmonton, sharing the incredible stories and history available online, and highlighting Edmonton-based organizations working for the betterment of Black Canadians.

We encourage you to take some time during February to learn the incredible history of Black people in Alberta and about the numerous charities and community groups ensuring Black culture diversity thrives in Edmonton and throughout the province.

Learn about Black History Month in Canada and Edmonton, the National Black Coalition of Canada, and more.

View their 2024 Black History Month Upcoming Events Calendar for February and March and publications of their Black History Month magazines.

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“Black History Month honours the lives and achievements of Black Canadians and recognizes the contributions they make to our communities. It is also a time to build bridges between communities by learning more about the histories, cultures and traditions of Black communities in Edmonton and Canada.”

February is National Black History Month, where we recognize the legacy of African, Caribbean and Black Canadians and their communities in our City.

The theme for Black History Month 2024 is Black Excellence: A Heritage to Celebrate; a Future to Build.

The Anti-Black Racism Plan recommended that the City of Edmonton work with community to institutionalize the month-long commemoration of Black History Month.

This year, the Africa Centre, Edmonton Heritage Council and the City partnered to coordinate the collective energies of Edmontonians and support community organizations to host Black History Month events throughout February.


View their city-supported events open to the public calendar and their Commitment to Fighting Racism.

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Black History Month at the AGA 2024 – A Celebration of Black Creatives.

View their upcoming Black History Month programs, with more being continually added.

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NEW this year is the PATTY PALOOZA which is acelebration of the Jamaican Patty – a flaky buttery pastry stuffed with meat or vegetables.

FEED THE SOUL Dining Week will feature bold, flavour-packed, traditional offerings at 15 Black-owned restaurants, food retailers and makers. 

Created by a team dedicated to promoting and offering safe spaces for local Black-owned businesses to flourish and grow, this is accomplished by the development of community events, new channels and high-profile platforms to amplify and support Black-owned businesses in Edmonton and surrounding areas. 

FEED THE SOUL Dining Week was created to showcase the city’s diverse Black-owned food scene and highlight the positive influence the African Diaspora has on the local hospitality industry.

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View a list of upcoming Black History Month events in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

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A virtual exhibit hosted by the Edmonton City as Museum ProjectAnd Still We Rise is a collection of articles and images that explore the formation of Alberta’s Black communities from the late 1800s through to the early 1970s.

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Every February, Canadians celebrate Black History Month. EPL is honouring the contributions that Black people have made and continue to make in the world. Learn more about Black heritage and culture with these books that are available for a variety of reading levels.

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A curated list of books and videos available through the NAIT Library on various topics supporting Black History Month.

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