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ECVO’s Human Resources Shared Services!

ECVO's HR Shared Service

What is a Shared Services Model?

ECVO is excited to offer Human Resources support through our shared services model. ECVO members and non-member organizations can access foundational Human Resources support that enhances organizational capacity with meaningful and relevant HR knowledge.

Our shared services model means we have a dedicated team member to take on project-based or ongoing HR requests cost-effectively.

Our Director of HR and Shared Services leads project initiatives such as:

  • policy review or development
  • recommendations in HR best practices
  • curation of job descriptions and salary reviews
  • oversight and delivery of performance evaluations
  • supporting through the recruitment cycle
  • we are excited to explore other areas with you!

Members can take advantage of reduced membership pricing detailed here. We are pleased to be able to offer project-based services billed hourly or ongoing HR support with a retainer.

For more information or to learn how ECVO’s Human Resources Shared Service can assist you, please reach out to