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GEO Spotlight: The Cultural Enclave for African Seniors


By Karis Nsofor

The Cultural Enclave for African Seniors was founded in 2022 by Fredo Ali Kamara. Fredo’s journey pre and post-migration to Canada is filled with stories of community stepping up to help him and others like him. Through his new organization, he is continuing that legacy by stepping up to support community members in need, specifically African seniors in Edmonton who are unable to access and equitably participate in mainstream senior programs. Hear more of his story in the video below: 

Find The Cultural Enclave for African Seniors on Facebook to learn more and stay connected. 

Fredo participates in our Community of Practice for Grassroots Ethno-Cultural Organizations (GEOs), launched in Oct 2022, to facilitate a space where leaders from ethno-cultural communities can connect and discuss challenges they face with accessing culturally and contextually appropriate capacity building for their organizations.  

The CoP is part of the recently established Ethno-Cultural Capacity Building Collaborative, a collaborative project between various organizational capacity builders and grassroots ethno-cultural organizations to: 

“Strengthen Edmonton’s organizational capacity building ecosystem in such a way that it enables grassroots ethno-cultural organizations (GEO’s) to easily access organizational supports so they have the tools to thrive as community-focused organizations in the city of Edmonton.” 

To learn more about the Ethno-Cultural Capacity Building Collaborative or to be invited to the next Community of Practice session, please email Karis Nsofor at