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How Can I Volunteer?

Every weekday during National Volunteer Week, we’ll post an article about a different aspect of volunteering in Edmonton. Yesterday, we looked at why volunteering is one of the best things you can do. We encourage you to join the conversations on Twitter by following @EdmCVO and by using the hashtags #yegvolunteers and #NVW2018!

The biggest question we get here at the ECVO is how do I start volunteering? There are thousands of volunteer organizations in Edmonton and trying to find a position right for you can be overwhelming. The number one tip that will land you your dream volunteer role actually takes place before you even start searching: reflection. But what does that even mean?

Think about the last time you looked for a job or went to purchase something of significance. You might have just applied to every open position or picked the first option you saw in the store, but you probably sat down and thought about what you wanted from a job or your purchase. The same thing applies to volunteering.

You should ask yourself some simple questions before searching for a volunteer role:

  • What would I enjoy doing? What are my hobbies? (painting, writing, playing sports, organizing)

  • What are my hobbies? (painting, writing, playing sports, organizing)

  • What kind of environment do I want to work in? (busy, slow paced, lots of people, solo work)

  • How will I get to my volunteer role? (public transit, car, ride with a friend or family)

  • What kind of cause do I want to support? (cancer organizations, newcomers to Canada, sports and recreation)

  • When can I volunteer and for how long? (weekdays, weekends, two hours a week, a year commitment, or a short term event volunteer role)

A volunteer role has the potential to truly change your life for the better. No matter what your reasons are for volunteering, starting off on the right foot is the key to finding that life changing experience. So you’ve spent some time reflecting but now it’s time to see what’s out there, tune in to our blog to tomorrow to learn about the different volunteer roles available!