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Partnership Brokers Training, Level 2

Advanced Skills in Partnership Brokering

Designed to build further confidence and competence in managing partnership brokering interventions.

This 5-day course takes Partnership Brokers Training to the next level. It is designed to build further confidence and competence in managing a range of partnership brokering interventions to promote really effective and potentially transformational partnering.

Such interventions can include:

  • Building deeper understanding between partners
  • Helping partners address their partnering anxieties
  • Facilitating open (sometimes difficult) conversations
  • Strengthening individual and organisational partnering capacity as well as
  • Taking on more formal coaching, mentoring and / or training roles*

The course involves:

  • Exploring a number of theoretical frameworks that underpin partnership brokering approaches
  • Framing interventions in the context of an action learning model
  • Considering some key issues in managing group processes
  • Deepening skills as facilitator-trainers and capacity to co-facilitate and
  • Working on themselves in terms of being ‘alert, prepared and ready’ to meet a range of partnership brokering challenges

Please note that Partnership Brokers Level 2 is open only to those who have completed Level 1.

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Note: Partnership Brokers Level 2 is eligible for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant.

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