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Request for Proposals: Strategic Consulting Partner

The Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations is seeking a consultant to engage with grassroots senior-serving and ethnocultural non-profit organizations in the Edmonton area on the development of what a shared services business support model should include and the development of a business model.

Deadline to submit a proposal is August 1, 2023, at 5 p.m. MT.

More details, including a link to the full Request for Proposals, can be found below.

Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (ECVO) is seeking a strategic consulting partner.
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Clarifying Questions & Answers

Please see below for answers to some questions that may arise from within the RFP.

Experience in the sector:  20% 

Plan to meet the proposal outcomes: 40%

Consultant qualifications:  20%

Best overall value for the product: 20%

We define a Strategic Plan as a document that explicitly directs our activities, whereas a Strategic Framework serves more to broadly guide how we achieve our mission. The purpose of the process is to develop a Framework, not a Plan.