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Request for Proposals: Strategic Planning Services

ECVO is seeking a strategic planning consultant or consultants to facilitate a process to create our next three-year Strategic Framework for 2023-25. This Strategic Framework will display foresight on emerging needs and challenges facing the non-profit voluntary sector (NVPS) and outline how ECVO can effectively respond through our work in the coming years. The Strategic Framework will also be designed to be used as an engagement tool to expand ECVO’s reach and more effectively connect to its diverse stakeholders.

More details, including a link to the full Request for Proposals, can be found below.

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Clarifying Questions & Answers

Within the RFP, we solicited questions from interested consultants related to details of this project. Questions were submitted before the deadline of January 14, 2022. We have collected all questions and answers below.

At this time we are adhering to the provincial work-from-home mandate, however we also recognize that online strategic planning is not ideal. We would be open to a hybrid model that accounts for all provincial rules to be followed. 

Approach: 20% 

Experience with similar nonprofit organizations and qualifications of team:  20% 

Functionality: 25%

Innovation:  10% 

Cost: 25%

We would like you to propose what you think is suitable given the budget and timeline. 

The successful proponent will be working with an ad hoc committee of board and staff, this committee will consist of between 6-8 people. We would expect there to be mechanisms designed to gather feedback and insights from the full board and staff throughout the process. 

We do have some data that we could share with the successful proponent, however much of this data is from before COVID, therefore we would expect that some new data is collected as a part of the process. 

The Government Relations firm has already been contracted by the ECVO and will be supporting the board in developing policy priorities aligned with the Strategic Framework for ECVO to focus on.  

We define a Strategic Plan as a document that explicitly directs our activities, whereas a Strategic Framework serves more to broadly guide how we achieve our mission. The purpose of the process is to develop a Framework, not a Plan. 

Our intent is to use the completed 2023-25 Strategic Framework not only as a guide for the organization’s work but also as an effective engagement tool to outline our mission and mandate to our current stakeholders as well as broader audiences. As such, we are looking for highlevel engagement framework to sit alongside the Strategic Framework that outlines how we can effectively use the Strategic Framework to this end.

As outlined above, we intend to use the 2023-25 Strategic Framework as a tool to engage with current and potential audiences. We included the Communications/Marketing Specialist component in the RFP anticipating that this specific expertise would be necessary to design this component of the plan.