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Volunteer in 2023


Volunteer in 2023!

Getting out in the community and meeting new people, giving
back, a renewed focus on mental health, and getting more involved in events and
activities around Edmonton are some of this year’s most popular New Year’s
resolutions; all of which can be achieved through volunteering.

New data shows that the majority of non-profits across the
province are facing challenges related to volunteerism. Nationally, 67% report a
shortage of new volunteers, and 42% report that volunteers aren’t able to
commit long-term. Anecdotal evidence suggests the shortage is having a
significant impact on the sector’s ability to deliver programs and services.

On Volunteer Connector, Edmonton’s largest volunteer
matching website, thousands of volunteer positions are currently open in a
variety of sectors including sports, animal welfare, ethno-cultural
organizations, and children and adult services. With organizations asking for
as little as a one-hour commitment every week, sticking to a New Year’s
resolution has never been easier.

Volunteering has been shown to improve mental health, decrease social
isolation and boost self esteem and confidence. Along with learning new skills,
volunteering helps individuals to feel connected to the wider Edmonton
community and gives people a sense of achievement and purpose.

Find your ideal short-term or long-term volunteer position