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COVID-19 &

Returning to the Workplace

As restrictions are gradually lifted, many employers are looking to put plans in place to return teams to the office. But how does an organization do so safely and strategically to minimize risk for staff and the public?

The following guides and resources will help set a path for your organization based on the latest recommendations from governments and health professionals. It will be updated as new developments are announced. Be sure to visit the Finance section of our COVID-19 for supports available to organizations returning to the workplace. 

It is advised that employers and/or Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) representatives document the steps an organization is taking to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

The information and resources provided are the most recent versions at the time of posting. Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) questions or concerns can be directed to the OHS Contact Centre by telephone at 780-415-8690.


Alberta’s Relaunch Stage Highlights and Key Public Health Measures

For highlights of Alberta’s relaunch stages, along with the key public health measures for each stage, view pages 9-10 of Alberta’s Relaunch Strategy.

Government of Alberta Workplace Guidance for Business Owners

The Government of Alberta has published Workplace Guidance for Business Owners to support employers in safely re-opening or continuing operations. Organizations are expected to develop and implement policies and procedures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Consult this document for guidance on:

  • Communication related to COVID-19
  • Sick staff and volunteers
  • Prevention measures including cleanliness, distancing and screening
  • Requirements for quarantine and isolation

Alberta Biz Connect

The Government of Alberta launched Alberta Biz Connect – a virtual hub for guidance and support related to returning to the workplace or continuing operations safely.

Visit Alberta Biz Connect for information on:

  • Sector specific guidance, including healthcare, homeless shelters, museums and galleries
  • Personal protective equipment and cleaning supplies
  • Workplace rule changes
  • Alberta’s relaunch strategy

Dentons Return to Work Employer Toolkit

Consult the Dentons Return to Work Employer Toolkit for employer considerations such as:

  • Temporary layoffs: extensions, recalls and other issues
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Managing workplace health and safety


Assistance with PPE and Supplies

If your organization requires personal protective equipment or cleaning supplies to aid in returning to the workplace or continuing safe operations, visit:

Employee Self-Screening Questionnaire

Adapted from the City of Calgary’s Employee Health Screening Questions, provide your employees with this self-screening questionnaire to ensure they are fit for a return to the workplace.

Work From Home Policy

Employers and employees may wish to continue working from home after experiencing a new way of working. To formalize your work from home arrangements, download and customize our Telework Policy Template and our Telework Request Form.

Return to Workplace Policy 

Organizations looking for an administrative policy on re-opening your workplace can download a locally drafted policy published by COVID-19 Continuity. The template includes:

  • Return-to-Work Timeline
  • Sanitation and Office Cleaning
  • Personal Hygiene Etiquette (e.g. Handwashing)
  • Personal Health
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Office Setup and Physical Distancing
  • Shared Equipment
  • Meeting Etiquette
Click here to download a sample board motion on returning to the workplace. 

Things to Consider When Employees Refuse to Return to Work

Adapted from the Denton’s Return to Work Employer Toolkit, employers can use this resource to think through scenarios where employees may not want to (or even refuse to) return to work.

Workplace Preparedness Checklist

For a list of actions employers can consider, consult Lloyd Sadd’s Workplace Preparedness Checklist which includes steps for updating office layouts, encouraging new behaviours and evaluating existing policies.

View Lloyd Sadd’s Post-COVID-19 Workplace Preparedness Checklist.

Workplace Wellness

Employees should be aware of mental health supports available: