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These policies are provided for informational purposes only. Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (“ECVO”) does not intend for these policies to be a source of legal advice or directly copied without the advice of a lawyer. Please seek the advice of a lawyer before choosing to act on any of the information contained in these policies or ECVO’s website.

As non-profits return to the workplace, it’s important for organizations to outline their social distancing and vaccination policies to all members of their team, to ensure that offices spaces are safe and employees have clarity on where their employers stand with regards to vaccination. 

Below, we have gathered resources to support organizations in creating effective vaccination policies for their workplaces. We encourage ECVO members and the non-profit community to share their own vaccination policies with the community as examples, so that other organizations can benefit.

In September 2021, the Alberta Nonprofit Network (ABNN) conducted a province-wide survey to gain greater understanding on how Alberta’s non-profits intended to develop and implement vaccination policies.

The resulting report can help non-profits better understand the Government of Alberta’s Restrictions Exemption Program (REP) as well as plan their next steps in light of evolving public health restrictions. It includes the results of the quick survey, answers to frequently asked questions from the nonprofit sector specific to the REP, and additional resources for the sector.

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Webinar Recording: Vaccination Policies for Non-Profit Organizations

On October 5, 2021, we hosted a free webinar for non-profit organizations looking to navigate questions around vaccination policies for their organizations, led by human resources expert Barb Read and labour and employment lawyer Taylor Holland. We’ve made the recording available for the community on our YouTube channel.

Sample Vaccination Policies & Documents from the Non-Profit Community

We will be sharing sample vaccination policies and supporting documents on our website for organizations to use as a starting point for their own policies. If you have a vaccination policy you would like to share with the sector as an example, please email it to We are happy to remove all identifying information from policies before publishing them on our website.

Vaccination Policies

Supporting Documents