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Edmonton Election

Edmontonians are heading to the polls this October. For non-profit organizations, the municipal election is a time to be heard and a time for the non-profit community to engage in meaningful dialogue with candidates and their communities.

We’ve collected some essential election resources for Edmonton’s non-profit sector as we elect new leadership for the city, including where candidates stand on the non-profit sector and important civic issues.

Mayoral Candidates in the 2021 Edmonton Election

Malik Chukwudi

Rick Comrie

Vanessa Denman

Brian Gregg

Kim Krushell

Augustine Marah

Mike Nickel

Michael Oshry

Amarjeet Sohi

Diana Steele

Cheryll Watson

Mayoral Candidates Platform Scan

With 10 candidates vying for the mayor seat this election, it can be difficult to keep tabs on where candidates stand on key issues. 

We’ve gathered as much information as we can on Edmonton’s mayoral candidates and their platform into a handy PDF document. 

Information in this platform scan is duplicated from publicly-available platform information available on candidate websites. Candidates may change or add platform notes as their campaign develops and as they learn more and interact with stakeholders. Blank boxes indicate that no platform information has been found on that topic. We will endeavour to keep this document up-to-date and accurate based on publicly-available information.

(Click the image below to open a full-size PDF of the platform scan)

Recognizing the need for elected City Councilors to understand the role that non-profits play in Edmonton, ECVO sent out a survey to all ward candidates on August 14, 2021. 

Ward candidates responded to the following questions:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed significant cracks in our systems, including those related to systemic racism, socio-economic inequities, and inequities in health status and access to healthcare. If elected, what concrete steps will you take to address systemic inequalities in our communities and contribute to building a healthier, safer, and more vibrant Edmonton?
  • How are you currently involved in supporting the non-profit and charitable sector? 
  • In your opinion, what is City Council’s role in supporting Edmonton’s non-profit sector? Additionally, please provide at least two specific examples/actions that highlight your plans to support the non-profit and charitable sector if elected.

Note:  the nomination deadline for election candidates is September 20, 2021. We continue to reach out to new candidates as they are made official and we will update the survey report las necessary leading up to the election.

On Monday, October 4, 2021, ECVO hosted a virtual mayoral forum that featured seven candidates for mayor in the 2021 municipal election. Candidates were asked questions related to the non-profit sector, funding, social responsibility, and systemic inequities in our city. 

Below, we’ve published the video recording and abridged transcript of the forum for viewing.

View the transcript:

ECVO is excited to partner with several Alberta non-profits on this year’s #nonprofitsvote campaign, a mission to harness the voice of Alberta’s 26,000 non-profit organizations and demonstrate the invaluable community impact and return on investment delivered by Alberta’s non-profit sector.

Visit today to learn more about the impact of Alberta’s non-profit sector, what’s at stake in the upcoming municipal elections, and how you can pledge your support to ensure that non-profits are heard at the polls.