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National Volunteer Week

April 24-30, 2022

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National Volunteer Week is here! How are you celebrating your volunteers?

This year’s National Volunteer Week is set for April 24-30, 2022. Each year, we encourage non-profits throughout Edmonton to consider how they can thank their volunteers for their valuable part in delivering programs, connecting with community, and achieving missions.

Looking for ideas? A great start is Volunteer Canada’s NVW 2022 Campaign Kit, which is free to download and contains great tips on how to plan your National Volunteer Week activities and celebrate volunteers online and on social media.

This year’s National Volunteer Week theme is Volunteering is Empathy in Action. We believe volunteers are at the heart of our communities; their compassion and giving mindset not only support initiatives that improve quality of life, but their actions also inspire greater awareness, kindness, and empathy towards others.

Volunteers lead by example in building communities based on collaboration, shared values, and mutual understanding. Let’s celebrate our volunteers for all they do to support healthy, happy communities!

We’d love to help your organization thank your volunteers during #NVW2022! We’ll help you record a 60-90 second video:

  1. Introducing yourself
  2. Introducing your organization
  3. Giving thanks to your great volunteers!

Reach out to by April 20 to learn more!

We will do our best to include all submissions made before April 27. Priority will be given to early submissions. We will start sharing the thank you messages on April 25, 2022.