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Welcome to National Volunteer Week in Edmonton!

This year’s celebration is shaping up to be a unique one. Although physical distancing measures are in place, there are still plenty of opportunities for #yegvolunteers to get involved with causes they love and for charities to show thanks for the volunteers that push their work forward.

To celebrate Edmonton’s volunteers, we’re starting a city-wide conversation on why volunteers are essential to our city and its communities.

How you can show some love to #yegvolunteers
A #NVW2020 Toolkit

Throughout National Volunteer Week week, we’re encouraging non-profits, charities, friends, families, and volunteers alike to add to the conversation. Perhaps you’d like to thank a volunteer who inspires you, give kudos to an organization for the hard work they do, or simply share a story from your own volunteer past.

Feel free to use any of the content below to thank #yegvolunteers!

Add any of these graphics to your Facebook Instagram Stories and start a conversation!


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From Monday to Friday during National Volunteer Week, we’ll be publishing a blog every day on a different topic related to volunteering. 

Use the links below to share our posts. Each link will go live at 9:00 each day:

Monday – Six Easy Ways to Celebrate National Volunteer Week!

Tuesday Four Ways Volunteering Can Make a Happier, Healthier You


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