Volunteer Screening Lab


How can you increase your capacity to engage volunteers through an adaptive screening process?

In the Volunteer Screening Lab,  participants will come together in a collaborative, engaging and creative learning space to dive deeper into the complexity of volunteer screening.

In its inaugural offering, the learning lab will have a small cohort of participants come together for four full-day sessions over three months with opportunities between to apply learning in their organization.

DATES: September 11 & 25, October 16, November 13

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The Outcomes:

  • Build collaborative connections and enrich knowledge and access to resources through peer-to-peer learning opportunities.
  • Learn the value of flexible screening processes and design volunteer screening strategies that support organization’s adaptability  and increases community inclusion.
  • Challenge assumptions of current systems and increase their capacity to shift mindsets and design new ways of working in the nonprofit sector.


What is the Volunteer Screening  Lab?

The screening lab is different from current learning offerings in the market. It is the combination of a social innovation lab and a traditional workshop that combines learning content connected to the issue of screening.  It is a collaborative, engaging and creative learning space where participants will dive deeper into the complexity of volunteer screening, reasons behind their current organizational practices, brainstorm tangible solutions to their challenges and shift perspectives on how to successfully screen volunteers.

Who is it for?

Non-profit professionals working in small to mid-size nonprofits. Through an application process we will identify  and accept 12 learners who:

  • Are change ready
  • Have the capacity  (time, energy, will) to take on an intensive process
  • Ready to explore how “we” (Edmonton nonprofits and charities) can be more efficient and/or effective in engaging community
  • Eager to collaborate, who are tired of working in silos and are ready to work together to make internal and external change

Nonprofit professionals who:

  • Sit on a board of directors
  • Recruit, orient or train volunteers in any capacity
  • Are establishing or changing their  volunteer program
  • Concerned about risks related to involving volunteers
  • Want to engage a diverse  volunteer base
  • Identify as volunteer managers, coordinators etc.


Lab participants will meet in 4 in-person full day sessions

COST: $450*

*The course is  is eligible for the Canada- Alberta Job Grant which, if approved, will cover up to 2/3 of the training cost. Partially completed applications for this grant can be obtained after acceptance into this learning offering.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided daily.