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Available Rental Space for Non-Profits
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Filter to view all available spaces, including Office Space, Workshop/Assembly Space, or Workstations.

Meeting/Programming Space

Available meeting rooms, training rooms, or other short-term rental space that organizations may want to use on an hourly or daily basis.

Office Space

Office space available to organizations looking for long-term leasing or rental.


Ad hoc spaces available for short-term rental to organizations or individuals, including hot desks or personal workstations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes, non-profits can have difficulties finding affordable space in which to operate or host events. Shared Space is intended to facilitate these connections, while encouraging organizations to consider the benefits of cohabitating with another non-profit.

If you have any questions about Shared Space, feel free to reach out to

Currently, only non-profit organizations in the Metro Edmonton area can post their available spaces on Shared Space.

Unfortunately, currently the platform is only available to non-profits. However, we’re exploring the possibility of allowing private owners in a future update!

Non-profits can post as many spaces as they need — there is no limit!

All listings will stay posted indefinitely. If you’d like a listing taken down, email and let us know.