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Cedric was the ambassador for the Edmonton Muscular Dystrophy walk (since he is affected with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy) which included sharing his family’s story in a mail-out fundraising campaign. He has taken part in television interviews and classroom presentations with his Mom to raise awareness about his disability. When asked why he volunteers, Cedric said “I know it helps people” and “It’s very fun!”  It gives him the opportunity to do many neat things like go up on the roof of a fire hall or help hold a firehose during a car wash fundraiser.  By helping his mom with school presentations, his classmates and teachers are more supportive and understanding of his needs. Cedric said, “it makes me feel happy and I get donuts.” Volunteering helps boost his self-confidence and sense of accomplishment.  By being the ambassador at the Muscular Dystrophy walk, Cedric was able to honor his 2 uncles who passed away from this disability.  It brought family and friends together for a good cause.  Raising money helps Cedric and many other Canadians acquire the adaptive equipment they need and funds research to hopefully find a cure someday.