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Empowering non-profits and volunteers throughout Alberta.

Capacity Building

We support Alberta’s non-profits and charities with capacity-building
opportunities that help organizations fulfill their missions.

Organizational Management

Building core capacity in areas of non-profit operations and organizational management.


Supporting proactive board governance and strengthen the ability of voluntary organizations to govern with insight, foresight, oversight, and hindsight.


Strengthening the abilities of non-profit professionals to provide leadership within their organizations as well as the broader sector.

Volunteer Management

Supporting organizations and volunteer engagement specialists to develop core volunteer engagement capacities and recruitment and retention strategies.

Workshops | Webinars | On-demand Training


We provide leadership on cross-cutting policy matters and give voice to critical issues that impact Alberta’s non-profit sector.
We are an active voice in local, regional, and national networks and collective action efforts to build stronger communities and a more sustainable future for the sector.

Sector Transformation

ECVO is working to inspire broad transformation in the sector, particularly towards a space of greater equity and inclusion that reflects the diversity of the communities we serve.
In 2021, we published a report entitled Transforming the Non-Profit Sector, which compiles shared ideas of transformation for Alberta’s non-profit sector and introduces a model for change that aims to address the questions at the heart of this work.


We help create connections between Alberta’s 26,000+ non-profits and the countless amazing volunteers who support our communities.